A Stray Howl

It was a sunny morning. Thank God for that. The way it had been raining all week, I wasn’t sure we would get to see the sun for another month. But here it was, in all it’s majesty, looking down upon us all and warming our hearts with joy.

I felt really happy and excited for the day. I got ready, had my usual breakfast of cereals and a feeling that today… was going to be a good day.

Sunday’s always bring with them a sense of peace and tranquility. And this particular Sunday was very special to me. I geared up, put on my jacket, riding gloves, hat, goggles. You must be wondering why, I’m a cyclist and I love to go on lone ventures on weekends. But my mom would never let me go far if I was alone. Well, this time she did! It was gonna be wonderful. I could go wherever I want, BE whoever I want, just for this one day. Free from all the rules of the world. Just Me, Bash and Music. Bash is what I named my bike. His whole name is Sebastian but his friends call him bash. I know i know… Sounds weird to name a bike and assume that it has friends. But he’s been there for me longer than any friend has. Seems only fair.

I packed food and other necessary supplies in my bag and off I went. There was one place that called to me like wolves in the night. I lived on the outskirts of my city, so 15 minutes later, I was in a forest. Location : classified.

Don’t worry, nothing like in “127 hours” is gonna happen to me. I know these roads like the back of my hand and besides I carry a GPS tracker with me at all times. The forest, was beautiful, in all it’s grandeur and wonder, I couldn’t help but stare at it’s every leaf. Tall trees blocked all but a little of the sunlight. The crunching of leaves under the tires was like music to my ears. Do you know the feeling when you think that all the world doesn’t exist? And that the part of it you are in, is the only one that matters? That’s what I was feeling then. Complete and total exuberance. I hadn’t a single care for the world at large. The only thing that mattered, was now. This moment. This breath. This experience, would change me forever.

The previous month, I’d had a serious injury near my ribs which made me unable to even leave the house. All that time cooped up inside would have made me crazy if it wasn’t for this thought. I kept imagining what I would do once I got better and the answer came to me in a second. And now here I am. Literally living the dream. And it’s better than I could ever imagine. If anyone asks you what freedom tastes like, tell them it’s hella sweet.

Next, I came along a Riverside. There, I stopped and tried my hand at fishing and failed horribly. Oh well, that’s life. Can’t do everything. As I was sitting on the bank, washing my face, I looked up and there it was. A little baby deer. I had never seen one before. I froze, making sure I don’t make a sound. He looked up at me and stared for a good whole minute. I smiled, then he cocked his head sideways, blinked, turned around and skimpered away. He wasn’t afraid of me. He was curious and cautious at the same time. And he was so cute.

If it had been any other evening, I would have felt sleepy. But today, I’d never felt more awake. Cycling down the lonely winding paths, surrounded by trees and the sweet melody of bird songs, no one to tell me what to do, I felt like myself. A feeling that I had forgotten.

I had needed this Sunday for a long time coming. And now that it was here, it was perfect. I felt like I finally knew myself again, like I had no limitations or rules, like I could just LIVE. Every other person’s perfect day would most definitely include other people. Mine never did. And the joy I was feeling right now was proof of that.

It was starting to get dark now. Nights are my favorite part of the day. I set up camp near the biggest tree I could find. By camp I mean I built a fire. There were no tents or fancy equipments. I wanted to absorb every bit of this forest until I was the forest.

The first bite of my sandwich made me realize how hungry I had been all this time. I gulped down the soup and then just rested against the tree, looking at the sunset to the sound of the crackling of the fire.

I was just about to pack up, when it started raining really heavily. Like someone up there took a bucket full of water and just chucked it on my head just to piss me off. But the day I had had, I was ready for anything the world threw at me. The rain felt cold on my face, dripping down my chin into the soil, now turned to mud. It soaked me whole within a minute. I did have a raincoat with me. But it seemed absurd to shield myself from nature when I was right in the middle of it. I started cycling back home as it had gotten really dark at this point. The rustling of the wind grew restless and it sounded like a thunderstorm was cooking up in the sky. Was I disappointed? Quite on the contrary, it felt cleansing and pure. I could see birds getting back to their nests, keeping quiet and protecting their young. And that’s when I realized that I’d rather waltz than just walk through the forest. The trees kept the tempo and they swayed in time. Nature was creating it’s own music and I felt like it was made especially for me.


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  1. swapnil says:

    Perfect :


  2. Shreeda says:

    One short stop liberating tale.

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  3. Swapnali says:


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  4. tyler777 says:

    It’s beautiful, complete with minute details and neat. Keep it up ✌️✌️

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